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Fanscape Industry Fast Facts
Industry Fast Facts: May 2009


It’s hard to move without somebody talking about Twitter these days and asking questions like… Is Twitter here to stay?  Do I need to be on Twitter? Are Oprah’s tweets interesting?  At Fanscape we fully embrace Twitter and see it as a valuable tool in your social media toolbox.

Creative Marketing With Twitter

The Phone (On Twitter)Don’t over think how to use Twitter.  Have fun with it.  For MTV’s new Justin Timberlake-produced show, The Phone, we took the classic game of telephone and added a Twitter twist.  We crafted a one line message and asked followers to re-tweet the message and change one word.  The response has been tremendous, MTV’s Twitter followers have grown significantly, and the press can’t stop talking about it.  You can read all about it at:   


Sports and Twitter

USA TodayA recent USA Today article discussed how athletes are embracing Twitter.  Mega stars like Shaq and Lance Armstrong have clearly mastered this micro-blogging medium, but so have many of the lesser known athletes.  Fanscape CEO Larry Weintraub was asked to comment specifically on Twittering NASCAR drivers.  Answering the question, why would an athlete use Twitter?  Larry noted that NASCAR is extremely fan-centric and that Twitter helps connect the drivers even closer to their fans.  Meanwhile the drivers’ sponsors can gain tremendous access to the fans through instant, direct, and endorsed messaging.  Read the article HERE.

Who Should Buy Twitter

iMedia Connection / MySpace Music & TwitterLast year it was Facebook, the year before it was YouTube, and before that it was MySpace.  Every year one social media company rises to the top and this year it is Twitter.  iMedia asked a group of experts who they thought should buy Twitter.  Fanscape CEO Larry Weintraub had the idea that MySpace should buy Twitter and add music to your tweets.  Read the article HERE

Facts For Your Next Meeting

Consumers do like connecting with brands on Social Networks.  Many feel empowered that they can influence a brand, however, they do ask that you respect their boundaries.  Intelligence and research firm SorgenFrei reports that:

The power of a relationship is extremely strong on Twitter.  60% of respondents would recommend a company based on their presence on Twitter and 80% of Twitter users will reward those brands they have key relationships with by being more willing to purchase from them. 
Only 47% would be interested in receiving special offers and coupons from companies on Twitter.  One can conclude that the Twitter community wants dialogue and relationships from their favorite brands, not broadcasted impersonal coupons.
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Fanscape proudly contributed our marketing services to help Kodak Gallery cure Lackus Appreciatis by giving away one million free Mother’s Day cards.  Check out the witty video featuring our favorite television mom, Florence Henderson, HERE

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